“As a youth in care I felt alone with no one to talk to. But the day I set foot in Cedar House was the day everything changed. Because I finally had people on my side. People who were going to listen, respond, and take action to support me. These amazing people believed in my future and helped me achieve my goals.

I crawled in that house a victim.

And walked out a survivor.”

Calvin’s Mother

“Our son had reached a critical point by the time we met Tyler and Evelyn that day at Maples Treatment Center. Our family was exhausted, saddened, scared and without hope for our son’s future. We had tried many treatment ideas and he had been in and out of several homes by the time we met them.

Our son connected with the staff immediately. We started to see that AHA really cared for him and were pulling not just for our son, but for the reunification of our family.

Cedar House was nothing short of a miracle for our family. While I never hope a family has to experience what we did, if you ever do, I hope you will find yourself at Cedar House. It will be a turning point for your family.”


“I’m one of those kids you would say had a rocky childhood. I faced everything from abusive parents to sexual abuse from a close family member. For a while I bounced around from home to home until I ended up at Clanden House.
As soon as I went there I felt like I belonged there, like I’d lived there my whole life. They welcomed me with open arms and cared for me as if I was their own, and not like another misbehaved child in the system. I felt like a normal teenager.

The AHA staff were amazing, just amazing, they made me feel like I was trusted. They cared and bonded with me to the point where I didn’t really want to leave.
They prepared me for the outside world by helping me get my first job, teaching me how to cook and clean, and never giving up on me.

From Lisa, Kelly, Brandi and Jane these are the woman who helped me push through high school and supported me through college with anything I needed.
Thanks to Clanden House I was prepared for what life threw at me. Look at me now, I graduated college, I’m getting married, have two kids and I own a home, all because these ladies never gave up on me.

They showed me that even when life is at its worst, there’s always a way up.”

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