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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

We work to create change in the lives of youth by promoting the adoption of healthy attitudes through service that inspires youth to be engaged in their well-being, build a sense of self-efficacy and connection to their community.

Our Vision

We envision a world where youth have a sense of belonging in their families and community.

Our Values

We value: Integrity, Transparency, Relationship building, Responsiveness, Inclusion, Respect, Safety, Security.

What That Looks Like

  • Focus on harm reduction and stabilization at risk/ entrenched youth
  • Focus on strengths and the development of necessary life skills
  • Support healthy relationships with family, where appropriate
  • Assist youth in creating SMART personal goals and support in the achievement in these goals. Reviewing and updating as necessary.
  • Promote positive self esteem, personal growth, and encourage healthily choices
  • Encourage positive community involvement and education engagement
  • Work with the youth and their care team to support residents to achieve their goals for independence.

Our Founders

Evelyn Liwsze

Evelyn has been working in Residential Care for youth for over 30 years.
Originally from Montreal, Evelyn studied Special Care Counselling at Vanier College and worked with youth with high behavioural needs, autism, mental health, and young offenders.

Evelyn soon developed a passion for High Risk Youth in a Residential setting, and was committed to dedicating herself to residential work. Evelyn was and continues to be committed to fostering change, independence and contributing to a stronger more resilient youth! It is because of Evelyn’s vision, compassion and beliefs that AHA and its design was founded.
Over the years in BC, Evelyn worked the front line as a caregiver.  She was a long-time contractor with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) in and around the lower mainland in various Residential settings. Evelyn was able to bridge her education and residential experience to her work in building programs within the resources.

Evelyn’s abilities contributed with the increased needs of the Youth in Residential setting into better residential care models. Youth have always been the primary focus. Youth in transition initially sparked the desire to want to do more outside the traditional works already established. Challenges with the education and employment strategies led some youth to a sense of hopelessness and for many of these youth a sense of homelessness.

In her own words

“Young people need more than just a safe place. Youth need a place to call home.  This is a huge challenge for young people who also struggle with trauma, loss, mental health, alcohol, drug addiction, poverty, the circles of violence and the inequality and imbalances that is a reality in our society.
It is my belief that a strong sense of self and security can be achieved in residential settings. It is with those fundamentals that I am proud and committed to AHA, its staff, community and the youth it serves!”

Jane Ployart

Jane Ployart has been working with youth and families in transition for over 30 years.
While living in Montreal, Jane studied at Concordia University and was mentored by some of the most influential Montrealers working to give strength, independence and resilience within youth.

From smaller agencies like The Park Extension Youth Organization to national organizations like the YMCA, Jane has demonstrated solid leadership in developing creative approaches to: youth outreach, young offender restitution, leadership, asset development, security and self defense, conflict resolution, anger management, freedom of expression and peace building initiatives. Jane is passionate about creating harm reduction residential models along with other training opportunities and programs.
Working with youth has always been Jane’s focus — beginning with Diversion and moving into Youth Justice Alternative Measures programs.

She has witnessed many of the challenges youth face today first hand, and she believes one of the gaps that needs to be filled is Residential Resources. Through AHA, she works to fill this gap, giving youth tools and support as they face the challenges of life in care.

In her own words

“My belief is the more we empower our young people to have a voice the more resilient they become. The more resilient they become, the more they learn how to teach others how to cope, and how to heal. Every young person has the right to safety, wellbeing and a sense of belonging. It is with those fundamentals that I am proud and fiercely dedicated to leading this team and AHA”

Adopting Healthy Attitudes

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